The Sun Shines Now on Saints and Sinners

Putting the Wrath of God in Perspective Part 5

I have previously written on the subject of the wrath of God several times, seeking understanding. In my last blog, I considered how God is perceived through the filter of human experience: if a person sets his self against God, he experiences what feels like condemnation, anger and rejection; while the person who attempts to draw near to God experiences love, grace and acceptance.

God does not change in this exercise. We do. Where we stand in relation to God determines how we experience Him. If God is the source and giver of life, and if God is love, we should experience life and love when we draw near to Him; conversely, we experience something opposite when we withdraw. We call this love or wrath, depending on where we stand.

Taking this a step further, if we love what God loves, we find fellowship with Him, but if we love what God does not love, we find that we are separated from Him by our disparate loves.

We do not naturally love what God loves, so we naturally feel some tension with God. In order to know and understand God we need to get beyond this tension. There is no tension on God’s part; the tension is with us.

Someone might observe that even “bad” people experience love, beauty, happiness, pleasure, etc. Believers do not have a monopoly on these positive experiences. The same is true of negative feelings like anger, unhappiness, jealousy and depression. Good and bad experiences are common to people, good or bad.

If we accept the Biblical story as true, we understand that we live in a fallen world. Our lot is to struggle in a world that is marked by sin and death. Yet God sustains the world and everything in it. God makes the rain to fall on the humble and proud; He causes the sun to shine on the saints and the sinners.

Every person experiences something of the life sustaining force of God in this world, though we experience the struggle. Everyone glimpses the love and beauty in the world, though we also labor with hopelessness, loneliness and depression. Even if we reject God, as long as we live in this world sustained by God, we feel something of His presence, His influence.

We may confuse the feelings we have and the source from which they emanate. We may attribute the good feelings to nature or human love or something else. We may even think that we are the source of good things. We may blame God for the bad things we see and the bad feelings we have. We may fail to perceive that the bad things emanate from evil which is the corruption of things God made good. We are part of that corruption, not God.

This world and everything in it will eventually end. Time, space and matter had a beginning, and it will have an end. Our lives in this world will end. Then, we will have nothing between us and eternity.

The taste that we have now of good and bad will resolve and solidify for each one of us. According to the direction we are tending, either toward God or away from God, we will be propelled into eternity. We will be cast with no anchor, no rope or life vest, into our eternity. Like the astronaut in outer space, our lot will either be in the presence of God, or we will be forever cast adrift in the outer darkness of separation from God, the Author of Life and Love itself.

At that time, the rain will no longer fall on the righteous and the unrighteous; the sun will no longer shine on saints and sinners. We will feel the full and beautiful love of God, or we will feel the yawning emptiness of separation from all that is love and life. The wrath of God is the natural result of separation from the Giver of Life and Author of Love.

The wrath of God is eternity without God. He leaves the choice up to you which you will choose.

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One Comment on “The Sun Shines Now on Saints and Sinners”

  1. My choice is eternally with God in heaven and pray that others will take this path or they will eternally go to hell. Hell is the wrath without God. The choice is ours and ours alone to make. I pray if you are not 100% sure where your eternal life will be, you will seek and find out how to make this decision before it’s to late.

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