Reality TV Star

Jason Casto was a reality TV star on American Idol. Things were going great, but he had a secret, and his secret was overcoming him. He couldn’t escape it. It got to be too much, and it began to affect his young marriage. Over a weekend retreat, he began to gain hope as he heard the testimonies of other people. He eventually came clean with his wife about everything. He thought it was too dirty and too dark, but he took the step and started trusting God.

Sean Lowe really didn’t want to be a reality TV star, but his sister signed him up for it. He was an entrepreneur, but he failed in his efforts and resigned himself to work in the family business, which he hated. Then the call came that he would be on the Bachelorette. He did it, but it led to heartbreak. His time on reality TV was up and down, but one thing has remained constant.