I remember a professor on the first day of class in law school saying, “The Law is a jealous mistress.” I was 31 years old, married and had two children. I remember saying consciously to myself at the time, “No, it won’t be a jealous mistress for me!” Little did I know to what extent the law would mold me as a person!

For many of us, career defines who we think we are. For others, it might be sexuality, ethnicity, intellectualism or religion – or any combination of things. Our identifies can be many, or singular. They can be public, worn on our sleeves, or private, hidden from the view of others.

All of our identities fall short of making us ultimately who we really are. Only when we enter into relationship with God do we discover our true identity as children of God. Following are the stories of many people who once found their identities in other things, only to discover their true identity in God: