When people are abandoned, they lose hope. When the circumstances of life crush people, they lose hope. But God rescues those who have been abandoned. This a story of abandonment and redemption.

Lisa Cash Hanson was the child of an unwed mother in a time when having children out of wedlock was something not discussed in polite company. Her step-father was verbally abusive and eventually rejected her completely. She was abandoned and dove headlong into the dream of being a rock star. She traveled the world in pursuit of that dream, but she could not escape the emptiness inside. That all changed when God revealed Himself to her in an intimate and dramatic way. Now, she only sings for Jesus.

Anita Burchfield was born to a mother from South America. Her mother was abandoned by her father, and Anita’s father abandoned her. She was an outsider in the small southern town in which she grew up, being of mixed ethnic background and living in a fatherless home. She was sexually abused, sought love in relationships, got pregnant at 16, had an abortion and continued seeking love, security and meaning in love, work and other things. She grew up in church until she began skipping church when she got old enough to go her own way. This is her story of going from abandonment to acceptance.

Jim was taken from his mother and abusive stepfather at the age of two. He was placed in a safe home. He was adopted at the age of five, but he grew up feeling abandoned and alone. He asked, “Why did my mother abandon me? Why didn’t she want me?” The feeling of abandonment and being alone permeated his whole life. On the verge of a breakdown in his life, some old friends invited him to church, and things changed.

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