Jesus came to his own (John 1:11); His own were the Jewish people, the people of the Covenant, the descendants of Abraham. Paul who wrote so much of the New Testament was a scholarly Jew at the time of Jesus who was zealous for the Jewish faith and tried to stamp out of the Way, the followers of Jesus who he thought was poisoning the faith, until he had an encounter with the Living God, Jesus. Many Jews believed and were saved in the First Century, but many did not. Even today, Jews are coming to faith in Jesus.

James Tour grew up just outside of New York City and thought everyone was Jewish, but he had very little interest in faith. Rabbis brushed off his questions. He grew up to be very successful. He was voted one of the top 50 most influential minds in the world. He was a visiting scholar at Harvard University. Has has spoken at every major university in the country. He has over 650 research publications. He was voted the R & D Magazine Scientist of the Year. He is a member of the National Academy of Inventors and the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. Has over 120 patents. He started 7 or 8 companies. But his story is about what means the most to him.

Steve Olin was born in Brooklyn, NY from humble beginnings. He always went synagogue, celebrating all the Jewish holy days. He also threw a 90 mph fastball and had a tryout with the Yankees. His dream was to play baseball, but his father refused to sign the contract, insisting that he go to college. So he did… on a baseball scholarship… where he blew out his arm. From there, he went into the business world and rose very rapidly to success. He made billions. Everything was going for him, but then he started having panic attacks. He couldn’t sleep. He wasn’t happy. He turned to drugs and partying. From age 47 to age 57, he lost everything. He became untouchable, and that led him to cry out to God, and then his life changed.

She was born to a Jewish family. All her descendants and everyone she new was Jewish. All her siblings grew up to be lawyers. He grandmother grew up in the old country and warned her about Christians. One day a book, Rabbi Jesus, caught her attention. She bought it and read it. That led to a chain of circumstances. She met a woman. Her marriage ended. She was alone. The woman she met sent her a book she wrote about her own life story. Then the it all got intimate and personal, and she knew that God was real.

Danny was Jewish from the former Soviet Union. His grandparents were Holocaust Survivors. They came to the US to find better medical care for Danny. He had benign tumors that grew on his larynx that required surgery every three months or so. They cause him to talk in a whisper. He became enthralled with tattoos. He also became an alcoholic and lived a self-destructive lifestyle. That all changed when his best friend had a motorcycle accident. He is an unlikely convert to Christianity. This is his story

Following is one testimony of a Jewish man originally from Kansas who had an encounter with the Living God.

Kim Goldman grew up an educated, secular Jew. She went to Hebrew school and youth group, because that is what she did in her culture, like eating bagels.

He thought the New Testament was the instruction for Christians on how to persecute Jews. He was shocked to find that Jesus was Jewish. Jesus was the Messiah for the Jews. What he found was beautiful. He came to the believe that the most Jewish thing he could do was to accept Jesus, the Jewish Messiah.

The Kooks grew up Jewish, he in the Bronx, and she in New Jersey. Her father died of a heart attack when she was 7. She prayed at night for God to send her dad back. With no answer, she gave up. He was into sex, drugs and rock and roll. After an orgy one night, he felt disgusted, but he didn’t know why. Soon after, the two of them met at a college dance. He was taken by her. She was attracted by the occult. They did a lot of drugs together and fell in love on an acid trip. They were not likely candidates for religion. But they didn’t find religion; they found the Lord who is their Shepherd.

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