Kathi struggled with fear in her life, but nothing prepared her for the day she was abducted from her home at knife point. In the middle of the turmoil and fear, she remembered God. she began to pray, and everything changed.


Willie Myrick was born to atheist parents, but he was raised by his believing godmother. As a young boy, his faith is as strong as anyone, believing that God is with him everywhere he goes. His faith was put to the test one day when he was kidnapped and thrown into the back of a locked car. He was afraid, but his fear turned into faith, and he began signing a song of praise to God. In spite of repeated threats, Willie continued to sing and didn’t stop as the man drove around for three hours. This is his story.

Margy Palm was abducted by a serial killer and thought she was going to die. In spite of that, she asked him if he knew Jesus. He said, “No! I don’t want to believe in Jesus.” He was psychotic, shaking and crying. He threatened her and ordered her into the car. So she prayed, and she heard God speak to her directing her to pray for him. And she did. She lived to tell the story, and this is it.