Officer Ali Perez was nearly killed while serving a warrant on a suspected pedophile. During a shootout, Jesus appeared to Ali and asked him to bless the man who was determined to take his life. He was not supposed to live, but he did, and his life was forever changed.

Greg Spencer was a police officer, and even after he retired, he would wake at night with nightmares from the images of the violence, pornography and other terrible things he observed and experienced. These nightmares plagued him nightly. He also began to suffer from rapid onset macular degeneration to the point where he was legally blind. The PTSD and the blindness all changed one day. This is the story. (Greg Spencer’s own testimony is no longer on YouTube, but his story is preserved in Craig Keener’s book, Miracles Today. and in a documentary on miracles)

Chad Robichaux was a cop until one day when he had to shoot someone wrestling for his gun. He got a medal of valor, but he retied soon after and enlisted in the marines. That was before 9/11. He was deployed to Afghanistan where he saw what hatred can do a culture. He allowed the hate and bitterness in his heart, and he brought that home to his wife and children. He was deployed a total of 8 times. He went from being extremely angry to being weak and broken, filled with anxiety. Diagnosed with PTSD, he went from the golden boy to cast aside. He found a temporary fix in jiu jitsu and wrestling and became the top American flyweight, but the rest of his life fell apart. He fixated on taking his own life, but then his wife began to pray for him, and hope entered his life.

John Cichy was a cop – past tense. He was arrested with two other cops for stealing and dealing drugs. Soon after his arrest, he gave his life to Jesus Christ. You might be inclined to be skeptical of the conversion. But his story is compelling. He spent five years awaiting trial. In those five years, he has been “all in”, becoming a youth pastor and giving his life to the ministry. His trial kept getting continued, but judgment date was inevitable. This is his story.

James Warner Wallace was an atheist and second generation cop. He became a cold case detective. He was happy to know there was no life after death. He mocked Christian belief. When he was challenged to consider the people, he tackled it like he would tackle a cold case homicide. This is his story.

Jeffrey Seif  was raised in a Jewish family, in a Jewish neighborhood, went to a Jewish school and didn’t know that there was anything but Jewish. Still, he pushed away from Judaism on “a quest for discovery”. He ran away home at 16 and hitchhiked to California where he went from meditating at Haight Ashbury to being high all the time. He wasn’t on anyone’s “most likely to succeed list”. He also met Christians there for the first time that were “kind of cool”. When challenged by a Christian with long hair down to his waist about Jesus, he said, “I don’t believe in Jesus. I’m a Jew.” Still, he accepted the challenge. Jeffrey would eventually become a police officer and an instructor of police officers, but he also became a Christian along the way. This is his story.

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