Abuse Victim

People who are abused as children are victims of one of the cruelest crimes imaginable. Imagine an entire family of victims. But there is healing. God is a healer. The secrets we keep imprison us in shame. Christ sets us free.

On the outside, the world sees a “wild girl”, a criminal, prostituting her body, but she was abused by her own father from an early age. She had a bad start in life, but God was there for her.

Abuse makes people feel less than human. Abuse happens in all socioeconomic strata. It happens to people of all backgrounds. Jesus is bigger than all of that.

Abuse comes in different forms. For this young women, she suffered abuse every day of her life in a Muslim family. Her testimony shows the power of God even in the midst of incredible darkness. After she turned to Christ, she learned her father made plans to have her beheaded. Out of that darkness, she found love and light in Christ.

Shelley Hundley was sexually and sadistically abused as a young girl by a minister in the church. She came to conclude that God hated her and later she turned away from God, believing Christianity was a lie. She changed. She became suicidal and violent and self-destructive. In her desperation, she asked God to show Himself to her. Through praying college students and a believing professor, everything changed. There was a radical shift from death to life.

Karen was abused as a child. She had a child at the age of 13. All she knew was abuse and it turned in a life of prostitution. She grew tired of living. She turned to drugs. She wanted to be arrested. She grew desperate for God. And then her life changed.

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