Janine Turner became a famous actress, but she had to experience “10,000 no’s” along the way. She turned to alcohol to cope. During her engagement to Alec Baldwin she came to realize the sickness of the disease of alcoholism. What saved her was that she gave her life to Jesus. Some of the worst things she thought that happened to her turned out to the best things.

Sylvester Stallone talks about his life and faith in God. According to him, Rocky is about faith. He is a metaphor about life. Stallone talks of his own reawakening and putting his life back in God’s hands after a number of years drifting away.

Remi Adeleke was influenced by movies and his culture. He sold drugs and tried to control his life and be a man. He wanted to be an actor. He eventually got out of New York and joined the military and became a Nay Seal.  Then he hit lowest time in his life and began to cry out to Jesus. His life was dramatically changed. But, not immediately. He struggled in his marriage. Then he got a break in his acting career. Through it all all, through the good, the bad and the ugly, God has been with every step of the way.