There is no God but God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – the Godhead, three in one – the one true God. Witchcraft, occult and all practices of divination that call upon sources other than God, are dangerous and false gods. There is no life in it, only death. There is no power like the power of Jesus. There is no reason to turn anywhere else.

Hated by her father, Carol Kornacki turned to witchcraft and spiritualism after being rejected by both parents, turning to sex, abortions, domestic abuse and drugs. She was chewed up and spit out by the world, full of demons who dominated her life, but Jesus loved her just as she was. This is the beginning of her story:

David Leone grew up in a single parent household. His mother was into the occult, and he gravitated toward the occult as a young man. He attained some success, but his marriage failed when his wife had an affair, and his business was failing, and he began to cry out for God. He eventually came to two doors. One was a way that promised him familiarity and power, but he sensed that it would end in destruction. The other door was pure, holy and light, but it promised him the loss of all power. God helped him steer through the right door. This is his story.

Rob Buckingham’s story from atheism to Christianity includes a near death experience. He became an atheist in his mid-teens. He thought Christianity was powerless; it had nothing for him; it had no meaning and no relevance to him. He was fascinated with the occult, but he saw nothing of spiritual value in the church. He walked away from a head-on collision, but he watched a man die who didn’t survive the crash. He as told it was a miracle that he survived but he had not place to live. He found himself living with Christians, and that was the beginning of a new journey for him that would take him to the depths of drugs and the occult before coming out the other side.

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