MMA Journeys to Faith

Few people are as famous in their own genre than Ken Shamrock. He is a pioneer and champion of ultimate fighting. His story is full of failures that went with the successes and the violent destructive lifestyle. This is his story.

Justin Wren lived his dream, becoming a top MMA fighter, a reality TV star, fought in a main event in Las Vegas, but the dream became a nightmare. Depression and drugs threatened to undo him. Then everything changed.

Chad Robichaux was a cop until one day when he had to shoot someone wrestling for his gun. He got a medal of valor, but he retied soon after and enlisted in the marines. That was before 9/11. He was deployed to Afghanistan where he saw what hatred can do a culture. He allowed the hate and bitterness in his heart, and he brought that home to his wife and children. He was deployed a total of 8 times. He went from being extremely angry to being weak and broken, filled with anxiety. Diagnosed with PTSD, he went from the golden boy to cast aside. He found a temporary fix in Jiu Jitsu and wrestling and became the top American flyweight, but the rest of his life fell apart. He fixated on taking his own life, but then his wife began to pray for him.

Beneil Dariush is Syrian who grew up in Iran. He moved to the US and trained in martial arts and became a professional UFC fighter. His idol became winning competitions. Even though he was happy to win, the happiness always faded, leaving him empty. During a time of desperate financial circumstances for his family, he began to pray. Opportunity came for him to fight for real money, but it didn’t last. He went back to praying. Things changed when he prayed. Eventually, he said to God, “What do you want from me?” That’s when things really changed.

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