Following are the stories of a number of former atheists who are now Christians. There are their stories. Peter Byron became an atheist in college, as many people do, but wanted to shore up his atheism. A close friend became a Christian, and another close friend became an atheist, and the fueled his desire for better certainty. He read all the New Atheists books. He even asked Richard Dawkins why he would not debate Dr. William Lane Craig, arguably the best Christian philosopher in the world today, and he wasn’t satisfied with the answer.

The testimony of an atheist who comes to faith in God is, perhaps, one of the most compelling testimonies of faith, at least to me. In the following video that includes the testimony of Hugh Ross, we learn that he knew he wanted to be an astrophysicist as early as 8 years old. He read 100 creation myths from around the world and dismissed them all based on the scientific record by the time he was 11. growing up in Vancouver and going to a high populated mostly by Asians who were Buddhist or Hindu, he did not have a Christian friend until he was 27, but he had already determined based on the same scientific record that he used to dismiss 100 creation myths that the Bible is factual and more reliable than the law of thermodynamics. Your can hear his compelling journey here.

Richard Morgan called himself a “Richard Dawkins Atheist”. He was an active participant on the Richard Dawkins message board, and the message board was the unlikely place where he began to question the fruit of atheism and met a Pennsylvania Presbyterian minister. The story is long, but worth the listen.

Jennifer Fulwiler was always an atheist. Her father read her books by Carl Sagan on his lap as a young girl. This is her story of faith.

Ian McCormick was a young, womanizing, adventurer. He was also an atheist before he was attacked by a box jellyfish. He was dying when everything changed.

Greg was a doctor who had everything that was supposed to make him happy, but he wasn’t happy. He got angry with some Christian neighbors and set out to prove that they weren’t living up to their faith. He began reading the Bible, and things began to change.

Holly Ordway was an atheist until she was 31. Her family was “culturally Christian”, but she never went to church, never had a Bible and didn’t know anything about Christianity. She wasn’t hostile to the idea, but she had no exposure to it. She read a lot as a child, including the Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings. When she found out the Chronicles of Narnia were about Christ, she was angry at CS Lewis for “ruining a good story”. When she went to college, she became “indoctrinated” in “staunch atheism”.

Michael concluded when he was 13 that God doesn’t exist. He didn’t get struck by lightning, and he found it was very freeing for him. He later got into philosophy, reading Descartes, Nietzsche, Freud and later, the New Atheists, like Dawkins and Dennet. He also got very depressed. Even though he didn’t have faith, he took a religion class and began to see something beneficial in religion, generally. Ironically, something Richard Dawkins said got him wondering if there might be something else beyond electrical signals and human capacities. Five days later, he was mocking some Christians on the college campus, when one of them approached and began to talk with him. There was something “different” and “real” about this person, and he began to wonder.

A college professor and former atheist gives his poignant testimony that involves a near death experience that changed his life and brought him to faith in Jesus Christ.

Dr. Donald Whitaker was a research doctor and an atheist. Lying on his deathbed, he came face to face with the stark reality of death without God. One man had spoken to him about Christ, and that is who he asked for when it appeared that death was imminent.

Professor Stephan Taylor rejected God as teenager and was an atheist until intrigued by something his brother said to him. He began to doubt that “nothing plus no one equals everything. He began to seek and eventually became a believer in Christ. As he turned to science, he found no tension between the two; in fact, just the opposite.

Dave was an atheist, the most vocal atheist on his college campus. When he came to a crisis in his own life, he did the very thing he mocked Christians for doing. He prayed. It was a cynical prayer, “God, I don’t believe you exist, but on the off chance that I am wrong, today would be an outstanding day to show me. Amen.” Then things got interesting.

She mocked Christians until she developed a relationship with her husband’s aunt and began to read the Bible to look for ways to refute it. She ended up finding herself drawn to God, and it changed her life.

Ronald Dabdoub was an atheist. He didn’t believe in “the sky fairy”. He thought of religion as a mind control tool of the government. At one point in his life, he began to think about the possibility of God, and wondered, “If God is real, why would You not show yourself to me if you’re real.” And he followed by saying, “You know God why I don’t think you’re real? I’m going to tell you why! I see evil people who don’t care about anybody, and they have billions of dollars – money they can’t even spend. They just watch it stockpile while kids are not eating tonight. Where are You!” But then he asked, “If you are real, please show yourself to me…. and not only are You real, but tell me who the real God is.” He wanted “more than words”. And he asked these questions of God every day for 30 days. And then, he got his answers.

This man was an atheist, not because of any one thing, but because of all the pain and suffering and hypocrisy he saw. He was a science teacher in Atlanta, GA. Whenever he asked difficult questions, he didn’t get answers. He got a runaround, and that made him angry. From that point, he responded with atheist challenges to the Christians around him, but there was no pleasure in it. His wife talked him into going to church to set a good example for his daughter, to create a good environment for her. So began his journey, and he began to see things differently.


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  1. […] The stories are many of people who were skeptical of God who ended up experiencing Him in spite of …. The important thing is, if you want to know God and whether God really exists, you should take up the challenge, the invitation, to seek Him. At the end of the day, you may find nothing other than what you already know exists. If that’s the case, you are none the worse for having sought. On the other hand, if God may be found by seeking Him, you will have found the greatest treasure that you could ever stumble upon in your life. […]


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