John Lennox was raised in a Christian family, but he was taught how to think and read widely. He constantly asked himself hard questions and endeavored to meet and dialogue with people who didn’t have faith. The exposure to the world of thought, for Lennox, did nothing but strengthen his faith. He is now celebrated a mathematician and a scientist, and a professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. He has debated many atheists, including Richard Dawkins and many others.

Troy Van Voorhies, a professor of theoretical chemistry at MIT, talks a little about coming to faith and the interplay of faith and science in this interview:

Following is an interview of another MIT professor, Ian Hutchinson, professor of nuclear science and engineering, on the future of nuclear science, and the history of science and Christianity – in general, and in his own life.

In this interview, Harvard professor of Education,  Nancy Hill, shares her journey of faith.

A college professor and former atheist gives his poignant testimony that involves a near death experience that changed his life and brought him to faith in Jesus Christ.

Mary Poplin went to Sunday school as a youth, “But,: she says, “it never took.” Though she might have called herself a Christian, she quickly wandered off to other things in college where she was “intellectually awakened”. She got involved in the social justice movement and was increasingly drawn to radical ideologies. She became a college professor and used the academic platform to build a master’s program on the subjects of structuralism, post-structuralism, cultural studies, radical feminism and critical theory (a Marxist view of education). She describes her personal life as “adventurous”. She got into New Age spirituality. But then “God showed up in a dream”. This is her story.

Jeffrey Seif  was raised in a Jewish family, in a Jewish neighborhood, went to a Jewish school and didn’t know that there was anything but Jewish. Still, he pushed away from Judaism on “a quest for discovery”. He ran away from home at 16 and hitchhiked to California where he went from meditating at Haight Ashbury to being high all the time. He wasn’t on anyone’s “most likely to succeed list”. When challenged by a Christian with long hair down to his waist about Jesus, he said, “I don’t believe in Jesus. I’m a Jew.” Still, he accepted the challenge. He eventually believed what he read of Jesus, and when he asked Jesus into his life, he experienced “a new starburst to life – a whole new beginning”. He wound up getting an associate degree, a bachelor degree, two masters degrees and two doctoral degrees and became a college professor. This is his story.