Remi Adeleke was influenced by movies and his culture. He sold drugs and tried to control his life and be a man. He wanted to be an actor. He eventually got out of New York and joined the military and became a Nay Seal.  Then he hit lowest time in his life and began to cry out to Jesus. His life was dramatically changed. But, not immediately. He struggled in his marriage. Then he got a break in his acting career. Through it all all, through the good, the bad and the ugly, God has been with every step of the way.

Sam Nadler was a religious Jew growing up, but he became rebellious as he got older. He was medic in Vietnam and saw the horrors of warfare.  He became a drug dealer after the war and encountered a Messianic Jew talking about Jesus on the streets of San Francisco. He was offended, but he went to a Bible study on his invitation. They were reading Isaiah 53, a passage that the Rabbis skip over. It became clear to him that this passage was talking about “you know who” (Jesus). He thought the Christians snuck that passage into the Jewish Bible, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it. This is his story.

Dr. Jack went into the Air Force and learned aeronautical engineering. He believed in God, but he didn’t submit control of his life to God. He was his own man. It took a crisis in his marriage to bring him face to face with the decision whether to go his way or not. He decided he would choose God’s way.

Chad Robichaux was a cop until one day when he had to shoot someone wrestling for his gun. He got a medal of valor, but he retied soon after and enlisted in the marines. That was before 9/11. He was deployed to Afghanistan where he saw what hatred can do a culture. He allowed the hate and bitterness in his heart, and he brought that home to his wife and children. He was deployed a total of 8 times.He went from being extremely angry to being weak and broken, filled with anxiety. Diagnosed with PTSD, he went from the golden boy to cast aside. He found a temporary fix in jiu jitsu and wrestling and became the top American flyweight, but the rest of his life fell apart. He fixated on taking his own life, but then his wife began to pray for him.

Jack served in the military in Vietnam where a close call led him to turn to God. It would be many years later, though, that things really changed for him.