Music and Verse

Music is a universal medium of expression. Music can “take us places” unlike any other form of expression. Music, verse and other forms of art and expression are the ways in which we demonstrate that we are made in the image of a Creator, a creative God. As an English Literature major in college, a “man of letters” in my career and avocation, and a lifelong music enthusiast, I look forward to plunging into faith through the eyes of music and verse:

Blind Willie Johnson:

The Gospel is the home of the blues

CS Lewis in Song is the beginning of an exploration of music inspired by CS Lewis with Brooke Frasier, The Oh Hellos and Heath McNease.


Music of Love:

Passion, love and the defiance of stereotype drives this duo

Jon Foreman:

Living with the End in Mind, terminal, fatally flawed in the image of God


A Musical Detour through the Lush Soundscape of Mongolia with a modern indie rock surprise


These are the stories of some well known musicians who have become followers of Christ

Music that Resonates with the longing for “joy” described by CS Lewis

Skip James, Hard Time Killing Floor:

The blues of Skip James was almost lost to obscurity

Stairway to Heaven:

A spiritual take on the classic Led Zeppelin song.


Why they aren’t a Christian band and they won’t sing Christian songs

The Borderlines: A Place Called Earth:

The beautifully haunting collaboration of Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman and Lauren Daigle.

The Linguistic Origins of Modern Drumming:

The debt rock music owes to the Civil War

On the Willows There

A hauntingly beautiful song from the Steven Schwartz musical, Godspell

So Will I (A Hundred Million X)

This song by Hillsong is truly magnificent worship song, full of images of Creation that responds to God’s voice in all its beautiful splendor