There are many, many testimonies of Muslims coming to Christ. Many Muslims have visions or dreams for some reason. I have spoken face to face with a Muslim woman who had a vision of Jesus in a near death experience when she almost died at the age of ten, and then had another supernatural encounter as an adult in which her son was saved from being hit (literally) by a bus. Visions and dreams are a consistent theme in the testimonies of Muslims who have converted to Christianity.

Fazale Rana grew up in a home with an intellectual, pacifist, and devout Muslim father, and a Catholic mother. His mother was not religious at all, but his grandparents were devout. He was introduced to Islam and Christianity, but science was his chosen path, and he put off any religious ideas as he entered college and embraced the evolutionary paradigm. Quite apart from any religious influence, some aspects of the evolutionary paradigm were not adding up for him. As pushed forward on the path of becoming a scientist, he followed the evidence where it took him.

Nabeel Quareshi became a very compelling apologist for Christianity, but he was raised a Muslim. His story is below. The following link provides a shortened version of his story.


A longer version can be found here.

Abdu Murray also is a formidable Christian apologist, though he was born into a Muslim Lebanese family. He was raised as a good Muslim and was passionate about telling people about Islam, but the Christians he spoke to challenged him to do a comparative study of the two religions. What caused him to make the drastic change? This is his story.

This is an amazing story, told after this Iranian Muslim was baptized in Turkey. He had a car accident at 25 years old, “passed out” and had a “dream”. He was watching himself from outside his body and was afraid, until a bright light came to him and made him comfortable. He also heard a voice, but he didn’t understand the voice. He recovered, but sometime after that event, after reading the Bible, he realized that the voice was Jesus. He also had dreams, and in the dreams Jesus showed him the things in the Bible, but they were in dreams. Jesus became like a teacher to him in his dreams. He became a believer. This is the day, many years later, that he was baptized.

This is a chilling story from the mouth of a Sudanese Muslim who grew up with fanatic Islam. He hated everyone who was not a Muslim. He and others beat his only Christian classmate, Zachariah, to the point of death, and he felt “proud” for what he did for Allah. The healing of his cousin by the prayer of two Coptic Christians opened his eyes to a new reality, but what they said to him changed his life: “The real miracle is that God wants to change your heart.” The rest of the story is even more incredible.

This woman was a Sunni Muslim studying to become a doctor, but a friend challenged her to compare Islam to Christianity. She sincerely wanted to know the truth, and prayed to Allah to know the truth. This is her story.

Al Fadi was born and raised in Saudi Arabia near the Red Sea. He lived close enough to Mecca that he went there once a month to pray. The more he studied Islam and the Qu’ran, the more fundamental he become. He was very devout and began to look down on non-Muslims and Muslims who were not as devout. When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, Al Fadi wanted to go an fight. He was willing to die in jihad as a martyr, because this is the only way a Muslim can be assured of going to heaven. Fortunately for him, his mother intervened. Instead, he went to Islamic university in Mecca. In spite of this devout Muslim beginning to his life, Al Fadi became a believer in Jesus Christ and, not just a believer, but an apologist for Christ.

This is a very straightforward and clearly stated explanation of the Gospel and the difference between Shia Islam and salvation through Jesus from Hossein.

Kamal Saleem was a strong Muslim who was on a mission of cultural jihad for Allah until he had a car wreck, and a Christian doctor and others showed him the love of Christ. He was confused. They had a personal relationship with God who answered their prayers so he called out to Allah, but Allah did not answer. Because he doubted his faith, he felt he had no other choice but to take his own life, and then he heard the voice of God.

People who grow up with Islam and convert to Christianity have some of the most remarkable testimonies. They often have dreams and visions and encounters with demonic spirits that Jesus delivers them from. Here is another testimony of a young woman who experienced the powerful deliverance of Jesus.

Khalida, a young Palestinian woman finds freedom and love in Christ.

British Pakistani Afsar Ahmed shares his testimony about answered prayer, the love of Christians and consistent daily example of Scripture.

This is a good testimony of a relatively secular Muslim who learned about Islam and Christianity at the same time, and this is his journey of coming to believe in Christ, including good commentary on the differences between Islam and Christianity.

Naeem Fazal grew up in the Middle East in a devout Muslim family. After listening to a talk about the end times with his brother, Naeem expressed concern about what it meant. His brother, who had been looking into Christianity, said he thought Jesus was the only person powerful enough to protect him. Naeem prayed a quick, skeptical prayer. What he experienced next over the following days was supernatural. His life has been radically changed. 

This man grew up 26 years as a Muslim in Pakistan, but he disliked what Islam directed him to be. He came to fall in love with a Hindu woman, but he learned that Islam would not allow them to marry. In Islam, they taught that it was not important to understand, just believe. He could not accept that so he began to speak out. He became an atheist. He feared for his life. Then things changed.


A Muslim woman wanted to kill herself and her dying mother, but an evangelist came on the television the night she was going to do it. Her mother responded by calling, repenting and accepting Jesus. The woman was furious, but she gave Jesus a week to prove Himself after arguing for an hour with the televangelist.

A compilations of many Muslim testimonies

Ghalib was a preacher of Islam and a successful business man in Lahore, Pakistan.

Fatima was born in Iran to a Muslim family. She never felt comfortable in Islam. She tried to find God in Islam, but he was not to be found there. Something in her would not rest. She cried and cried, and then Jesus appeared to her in a dream.

Rose and Masoud grew up in Iran as Muslims, but Masoud did not have any joy or satisfaction. He couldn’t find the forgiveness that he sought. Every day he confessed his sins, but there was no relief from the heaviness. He began to lose hope. He continued with the religious ritual, but there was no life in it for him.

Rose also grew up Muslim, but she despaired of her own life. In desperation, she prayed and was filled with the love of God. she began to perform the Islamic rituals to show her gratitude, but the presence of God she felt that day was missing. Years later she moved with her husband to Canada where she met Christians, but she rejected what they told her because she thought Islam was the right religion. As time went by, the despair for life crept back into her life. She cried out to God, asking why God would not come down and experience human life so he would understand, not knowing that this is exactly what God did in Jesus! When she found out, it changed everything.

Sam Khan grew up as a Muslim. He said his daily prayers, but he found himself drawn inexplicably to Jesus. He even stopped praying for a time until his life began to fall apart. When he began praying again, he found himself drawn again to Jesus again. Then a co-worker he liked invited him to church. At first he thought “these Christians” were crazy. One day he finally prayed, “Jesus, if you’re the savior, you have to show me.” He did, and now Sam is a “completely different person”..


He didn’t know where he was born. He didn’t know his date of birth. He didn’t know his father’s name or his mother’s name. His father beat his mother to death when he was 3. He was separated from his sisters in Mumbai, India soon after. He was beaten and sexually abused by his elders from age 3 to age 7. He learned to hate. He became a homeless beggar. He prayed to Allah at the Mosque. He prayed to the gods at the temple. He was broken, hurt and without hope. Then he prayed to God – any real god who would listen. This is his story.

Noushin was a Muslim who had a near death experience. That caused her to look into other accounts of near death experiences, and she noticed that Jesus showed up in most of them, even for Muslims. People didn’t ever say that Mohammad came to them. That got her thinking and researching, and comparing Jesus and Mohammad. It became clear that she didn’t like the way Mohammad lived, but she liked the way Jesus lived. When it came down to a choice, she chose Jesus. This is her story:

She was raised a Muslim in Iran. She became a lawyer. Then she went to university and met a Christian who gave her a Bible. She was reluctant and skeptical, but Jesus touched her. Being a Christian in Iran wasn’t easy. She lived in fear. She had no freedom. Iran became her “Egypt”, and God delivered her out.

Yasra grew up in Iran in a very religious city. She has a wonderful father, but she learned to be afraid of Allah (God). Her parents sent her away to live with her sister in Cyprus. There she learned for the first time that God loved, and her life changed completely.

Aisha grew up Jordan in a conservative, traditional Muslim family. Her father was an alcoholic, and her view of Allah was very harsh. She was afraid for her life, but her father let her and her mother go to the United States. She struggled with shame and embarrassment. She was filled with fear and hopelessness. She prayed and cried out to Allah, but Jesus showed up.

The man in the following video was a refugee from Afghanistan when he encountered Christians who invited him to church. He experienced peace there, and the Christians were very kind, but he was very skeptical. He prayed to Allah, but he had no peace. When he began to read the Bible and to dig into it, he found that the peace he experienced was from Jesus. This is his story.

Nasser al’ Qahtani was a Saudi Muslim. At a point, he was sure that he was a holy man, whose good works caused God to look on him favorably. But he began to realize he wasn’t. He said, “It was like I was scrubbing the outside of a glass furiously, but the inside of the glass was full of junk, and dirt and filth.” He tried to change his heart, but he couldn’t do it. One Sunday he heard a pastor preach on the cross, and he started to wonder, “Wouldn’t it be nice if the Gospel was true?” The God of the Quran would never have allowed himself to suffer on a cross like that. Then he had a vision, and everything changed.

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