Sexuality is universal. Humans are sexual creatures, sexual beings, but sexuality is only one aspect of humanity. Sexuality is a beautiful thing. God created people, and He made them make and female. Our sexuality is God-given. As imperfect people, sinful people if you like, we struggle with many aspects of our lives, and sexuality is one of the major areas of struggle.

The good news is that God is bigger than our struggles. Following is the story of Jackie Hill-Perry who talks about her own struggles with sexuality and how God met her along the way:

Jackie’s story is one of millions of stories. We all have a story. we all relate to stories, perhaps, for that reason. Following are the stories of many other people who have had their own struggles with sexuality. These are stories of hope and inspiration, of God working in the lives of imperfect, messy people – people just like you and me:

  • Abortion – a big elephant in the room when speaking of sexuality is abortion. Regardless of political and personal views on abortion, any woman who has gone through it carries the physical and emotional memories of the experience, which is often a very heavy weight and deeply imprinted in a woman’s identity.
  • Abused – one very negative consequence of a fallen world with fallen people is the whirlwind that damages people who reap the wind of objectification sown other people for their own, personal gratification. Copying with the reality of abuse affects a persons identity for life.
  • Prostitute – the world’s oldest profession, so the saying goes, involves real people with real feelings, real hopes and dreams, and real struggles for identity. Not many (maybe no one) become a prostitute as a chosen profession. Life in a fallen world “happens”. God is present for the prostitute too.
  • Sexual Identity – Few things get more to the basic and most fundamental identities that people have than sexuality. It’s no wonder, then, that sexual identity is at the center of many peoples’ stories. Following are stories of various people with various identities