Kathie Lee Gifford was born to be an entertainer, but she responded to a call to accept Jesus Christ as teenager, and it was the best of her life. She has always been an entertainer, but that isn’t all she is.

When Marty Goetz grew up  90% of the people he knew were Jewish. His grandmother had an us and them view of Jews and Christians. In college, he became an entertainer. He took a show on the road with his friend, Burt. Then Burt became a born again Christian, and that bothered him immensely. Over time, he got up the courage to read the Bible, and he came to realize that Jesus was Jewish! A friend of Burt’s invited him to a meeting, and that is when things changed.

Wally White wanted to be an entertainer. He became a disc jockey. It went well for awhile, but that quickly faded. He made a lot of money, but everything in his life was negative. So he decided to take some time off. This is his story.

Lisa Cash Hanson tried to fill to void of feeling abandoned by diving into the dream of being a rock star. She traveled the world in pursuit of that dream, but she could not escape the emptiness inside. She become the most successful female signing impersonator in Las Vegas, but it wasn’t enough. That all changed when God revealed Himself to her in an intimate and dramatic way. Now, she only sings for Jesus.

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