Nothing is more on the minds and hearts of people in the United States in the wake of the recent Supreme Court opinion declaring that same sex marriage a right protected by the US Constitution than homosexuality. My intent in posting testimonies of lesbian women who found faith, however, is more a product of the compelling story of Dr. Rosario Butterfield and the obvious grace and aplomb with which she effortlessly and poetically weaves a tale, and the amazing redemptive power of God, than any desire to wade into the political fray. Rosario Butterfield’s story is beautiful, hopeful and intriguing.

Janet Boynes has a very different story, but had a similar experience with God showing up and changing her life.

Brooke was molested as a child. She got into drugs and alcohol. Her path took her into being a stripper and becoming a lesbian. She moved to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune. In a moment of extreme danger, she remembered something her mother said once about prayer, so she prayed. Both she and her girlfriend felt the heat, and the danger went away. A year later, in another dangerous situation, she prayed again, and there was peace. As she continued to pray, God drew her.

Charlene Cothran – former gay activist and publisher of Venus Magazine, (a magazine for black lesbians), shares her testimony of being a leader in the world of gay publishing and how Jesus Christ set her free from the bondage and the deception of homosexual confusion.

Christine Sneeringer had an abusive father and abused mother. She was raised by relatives where she was sexually abused by an older male relative. She did not identify herself as female, but male, and she gravitated toward lesbian relationships. But She found love in Jesus Christ and that made all the difference for her.

This woman was gay for 14 years. She became a Christian, not escape the gay lifestyle, but she knew instantly that she could not continue in it when she became a Christian. It was hard, but she says Jesus was faithful to deliver her from the gay lifestyle.

Jackie Hill-Perry grew up in a fatherless household. She wasn’t close to her mother. She was lonely. She grew up going to church, but she turned to people for love. She pursued lesbian relationships, which she felt was natural for her, but she found God in the midst of the loneliness and tensions in her life. She talks about her life since she gave her life to Jesus.

These are stories from various same-sex attracted people who have found their ultimate identify in Jesus Christ.

Emily will say she was born that way. She was attracted to women from early in life, and she decided to “go with it” and not hold back. She dove headlong into the lesbian lifestyle with serial relationships. When she was invited to a Bible study, she said, “Yes,” though she figured that the first mention of her lifestyle would give her an excuse to leave early. Instead, the talk of personal relationships with God led her to wonder if it’s all true. “That day”, she says, “it was like my eyes were really opened.” And that’s when everything changed for Emily.

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