Journeys of Faith

When I was young, many people were “trying to find themselves”. I think people still do that, but they call it something else. Science doesn’t help us with a satisfactory answer to that question. Science can’t really explain even why we ask: Who Am I?

Anyone who is asking, “Who am I?” is on a journey of faith. 

A journey of faith is a journey about identity. Who am I really? We all have identities, and most of us have multiple identities: woman, son, mother, husband, gay, straight, poor, educated, cop, banker, scientist, janitor, actor, atheist, Muslim, athlete, singer, and so on. Some aspects of our identifies are not as positive: depressed, abused, sick, prostitute, suicidal, unfaithful, stressed, imprisoned, victim, etc. 

Despite our varied identifies, experiences and unique circumstances, we are all human beings. If God exists, we are all created by Him, made in His image and loved by Him. 

It’s no wonder, then, that people who have encountered god on their journeys of faith have had similar experiences with God. Though the individual stories are as varied as there are people who tell them, the commonalities of their experiences with God point to the one Creator of us all.

God invites us to seek, knock and ask for the door to be opened. He stands on the other side waiting for us to turn toward Him. He invites us to taste and see. He wants to encounter you. Are you ready to encounter Him?

This page contains testimonies of faith from many people who have encountered God from various identities who have all come to identity fundamentally as children of God. I hope that these testimonies uplift, encourage and prompt you to seek God you

Following are the stories from people of disparate backgrounds and all walks of life, identities and stories, but they have one thing in common:

If you are interested in my journey of faith, you can follow me on Navigating by Faith.

Jesus changes lives.

A  more disparate group of people who have a fundamental connection one might not be able to find. 

Zach Trudeau explains how God made Himself known to him in a physical, tangible way. He had a pretty rebellious life, experimenting with things he shouldn’t have. He had been hanging with friends, but he was in a dark place in is life. He was empty inside. He came home one might and just surrendered to God, confessing his sins, and asking God to take his life. He poured out his heart. In that moment, the ceiling opened up, and a huge light shone over. It was powerful, good and righteous. It felt good and joyful. All of his burdens, pain and suffering was washed away. God pressed a reset button on his life, and he felt alive. He felt God’s Spirit inside of him. God is real, and God changed his life.

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