Micah Wilder was born into a Mormon family. When he went on this Mormon mission, he wanted to convert the world to Mormonism. What he encountered, though, was the person of Jesus Christ, his life was changed. Not only his life, but the lives of his family as well.

After listening to the story of Micah Wilder, here is the testimony of former BYU professor Lynn Wilder. She was a Mormon for 30 years. Her son, Micah, challenged her to read the Bible. Her mother was actually a Christian who prayed for her faithfully, but didn’t see the fruit of her prayers.

Stacey grew up in the Mormon church. Her father was a bishop. Her parents were married in the Mormon Temple. She grew distant from the church as a teenager because she was ashamed of sin and felt she wasn’t good enough. When she attended a Christian church on an invitation, readings from the Bible, including the statement that we are saved by grace through faith, were a paradigm shift for her. She had learned that people had to earn their way to God’s kingdom.  She beginning reading the New Testament, and she fell love with Jesus.