Near Death

Mickey Robinson was a thrill seeker who was obsessed with sky diving, until one say when the plane he was in went down. He was miraculously rescued. As he lay on his death bed in the hospital, he had a spiritual experience in which he experienced eternity, God and eternity without God, and God gave him the space to cry out and be saved.

I don’t often post multiple videos of the same testimony, but this one is compelling. This story transcended all that Mickey Robinson, himself, knew. Notice in the first video above that he is blind in his right eye; in the second video he has sight in both eyes. But the most miraculous thing is that Jesus loves us.

If two videos are good, three is better. Hear the story one more time. Eternity is more real than this life. When we die, we will either spend eternity with God or in the outer darkness without God. There is no other option. Listen to his story one more time.

The stories of after death experiences with God and hell have the same ring to them. God is love! He loves us! We are given this opportunity that we call our lives to choose where we will spend eternity. We will either live out eternity with God or without Him.

An autistic man has a similar near death experience. His story is retold here.

Dr. Mary C. Neal had a kayaking accident in South America in which the force of water pinned her to the bottom of a pool below a waterfall. She knew there was no way out. She knew she was dying so she gave herself over to God, and everything changed. This is her story.

An Iranian Muslim had a car accident at 25 years old. He “passed out” and had a “dream”. He was watching himself from outside his body. He was afraid, but a bright light came to him and made him comfortable. He also heard a voice, but he didn’t understand the voice. He recovered, but sometime after that event, he read a Bible and realized that the voice was Jesus. He also had dreams, and in the dreams Jesus showed him what things in the Bible, but they were in dreams. Jesus became like a teacher to him in his dreams. He became a believer.

Jennifer was in a bad accident. A blog clot broke away from her leg and traveled to her lung, collapsing it. She went into a coma and was on a ventilator. Her prognosis for recovery was so poor that the medical providers were talking about organ donation. Though she was in a coma, she could hear the discussions around her. Her situation took a turn for the worse. The voices became more distant, and she felt more tired than ever before during her life. That’s when she saw a light. This is her story.

Jackie broke her neck in six places, her lungs collapsed, and she died on the Medivac on the way to the hospital. In that time, she had a near death experience. This is her story.

In 2010 Pat was kayaking with a friend in a river swollen by recent rains. As they came to a bridge, he fell off the kayak, and was swept into a large culvert under the bridge. The force of the water sucked him ten feet into the pipe, and he couldn’t get out. What happened next Pat tells in great detail until he blacked out. This is his story.

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