Laurie Dhue was a successful TV anchor, spending time at all three of the big cable networks. She had glamorous looks and rising star status, but she was also an alcoholic. She began drinking in her late teens early twenties to cover up for her shyness and social awkwardness. It became a way of life until she had enough and cried out to God. God answered and changed her life.

Heather Kopp was a Christian, but  divorce upended her life, and it became an excuse to have a drink. One drink led to more drinks, and she rationalized that the Bible only speaks against getting drunk. As long as she didn’t get drunk, she thought, she would be ok. That attitude only caused her to be able to drink more and more without getting drunk. Her body craved alcohol. By the time she realized she was alcoholic, she was too ashamed to be honest about it. This is her story.

Brad Barrett grew up in a “Christian” home, but he saw the hypocrisy. His mother was an alcoholic. He developed hatred and rage toward hos mother and left. He married his high school sweetheart, but the marriage didn’t last long. He became a bartender and an alcoholic himself. This is his story.


Nina Deliz lived with her dad growing up. Her parents were divorced when she was three. Her dad remarried, and they went to church, but home was full of violence and tension. They got divorced when Nina was in 8th grade, and her father married again. As Nina became an angry youth, her father became controlling, and she felt trapped. Marriage became her ticket out of the house, but it was wasn’t long before started cheating on him, and she fell in love with alcohol. She eventually got into exotic dancing, and her life really took a turn for the worse and went into a downward spiral, including regular blackouts, convulsions and sleep paralysis. In her desperation, she called out for Jesus. The Lord pulled her out of the darkness.