Loneliness, isolation and depression are things most of us can relate to. Though the world is filled with people, many people struggle with the desperation of loneliness and isolation and depression. Jordone Branch grew up lonely and isolated. She tried to take her own life, but fortunately she failed. She turned to drugs and sex and other things, but they didn’t fill the void. She grew up going to church, but it didn’t click for her. She grew desperate and began thinking of taking her own life again, but then everything changed. This is her story.

Kyle grew up an atheist in a non-religious home. He tried all the usual things to find personal fulfillment , but they all let him down – friends, drugs, alcohol, girlfriends, business success. Everything. Even when he achieved a degree of success, he realized that the emptiness didn’t go away. This led him to the brink of suicide. What was there to live for? He wouldn’t have taken his own life but for the thought of his mother, and how she would deal with it. Kyle hung in there, but became increasingly disillusioned, until one day. He challenged God to reveal himself. He gave it a year, but it only took several months. This is Kyle’s story.