Kim Phuc, the girl in the picture, also known as the Napalm Girl, was a victim of the Vietnam War. She and her family lived were well off in her little village, living peaceful, happy lives. Until 1972, war was just a rumble in the far off distance, but that year it came to them. Villagers took refuge in the local temple as soldiers streamed in. One day, the planes flew in, fast and loud, and dropped their fiery bombs on that temple. Kim froze at first, as flames erupted all around her. Badly burned, she managed to run out of the fire, but she didn’t escape. She was burned badly over much of her body. After ten years of immense pain and suffering, North Vietnamese control and despair that teetered on the verge of suicide, she entered a Saigon library with desperate determination to find meaning and purpose in her life. What she found didn’t heal the scars that remained on her body, but it healed her heart and turned her life completely around. This is her story: