Hinduism is an ancient religion, one of the oldest religions, with thousands of gods. The following video is particularly amazing because two men had dreams, and both responded to them. A Christian man had a dream about another man with a white beard and saffron robe and was told to go to a specific temple to meet him. A Hindu Maharishi (Guru of Gurus) saw Jesus Christ in a dream and was told him to go to a particular temple on a particular day and meet a man who was shown to him in a dream. Incredibly, this video captures what happens!

Satabdi Banerjee was born in Calcutta into a very conservative Brahman Hindu family. They spent hours every day worshiping they kept in the top room of their house. Her family were disciples of Rama Krishna. She was dedicated to the Goddess Kali when she was sick as a young child. She believed in one supreme God (Krishna), but he was called by many names, including Christ. Her one goal in life was to please the gods, but she had darkness in her inner heart that no one saw. She was given a Bible, but she didn’t want anything to do with Christianity. To appease a friend, she read a children’s illustrated Bible, but she didn’t understand it. She felt she needed to be able to claim she understood it, so she got a Gideon Bible, and she read through the Gospels, Acts and Romans. That’s when everything changed.

Uma Moorthy was born and raised in India to an affluent family. She was a “staunch  Brahman”, devoting herself to idols and reading the Hindu scriptures daily. At school, however, she obtained a Gideon Bible and read it for the Psalms and other poetic language in it. She went on a school trip for the fun of it, and the last day of the camp, someone spoke about idols. Out of curiosity, she began to read the Bible for what it says about idols. There she read not only about idols, but about God our Father. Of all the idols she had worshiped, she called none of them Father. She was amazed to learn that she could worship God, the Father, any time and anywhere. Everything changed for her.

Kosh Dahal is from Napal, born to a family of Hindu priests, and he became a Hindu priest, but he had no peace in his heart. He had 333,000,000 Hindu gods that he prayed to, but they didn’t respond to his prayers or worship. In Hinduism, the only hope is to be reincarnated over and over and over again, and it was a heavy burden that weighed on him. A Christian came and spoke to him and shared the gospel with him for many, many days. Kosh repeatedly rejected him. He was from a high cast and didn’t want to stoop to a lower cast. He had millions of gods, and he couldn’t imagine being limited to one God. Finally, he wanted to disprove Christianity and prove that Christians were only about obtaining money. He challenged the Christian: if he prayed twice a day for 30 days, and if nothing happens, he would file a complaint against him. They Christian agreed to the “challenge”, and that’s when things changed.

In this video, Dr. Preeti tells her story: “the Christian God is the only god who communicates.”

Dr. R. Rajkumar was a devout religious Brahmin and a college athlete who became a successful engineer and married his college sweetheart. But when a close friend told him that Jesus was the only way to God, Raj was spurred on to prove him wrong. Since he believed all religions were the same, he assumed all religious books would be the same too. So he got himself a Bible and went on a quest to prove Christianity wrong from the Bible itself. This is his story.

Dr. Sarma Velamuri, a Hindu Brahmin and very religious man. He loved Hinduism, and he hated Christianity. Being a Hindu was everything for him; it was a way of life. He ran into Christians when studying in Russia, and he didn’t understand who was Jesus. The Christians, who he didn’t like very much, invited him to church. He went when he was invited and was challenged. He set out to prove for himself that Christianity was the same as other religions, but he was deeply affected by Jesus Christ as he encountered Him in the Bible, and that changed everything.

Originally from the Fiji Islands, his father was a strong Hindu preacher and good reader of Sanskrit. They followed the Sanskrit text in his family. They emigrated to Canada, but they continued their Hindu devotion. His mother and wife got sick so they brought in a witch doctor to help. They would get better when she was there, but the sicknesses would return when she left. They spent a lot of gifts and money on her again and again. It was a vicious circle. They lost hope in the witch doctor, but after meeting a Christian preacher things began to change.

Jeeva grew up in southern India in the Naga temple. He cleaned the temple from an early age and worshiped the snake god. He was scared of the Christian God, but in dealing with Christian people, he came to trust the Christian God because the people showered him with love. He prayed to the Naga god for truth, and he read the Bible and prayed to the God of the Bible the same thing. Over time, he continued to go through the motions in the temple, but he was praying to Jesus in his heart. He experienced the love of God, and though he knew his family would reject him, he became a follower of Christ. This is his story.

She came from an orthodox Bramin family. She was taught to respect the Hindu traditions. She worshiped any god who had a name. She was satisfied with life, had good health, a good family and led a good life. She wasn’t looking for anything. She saw Jesus as the god for Christians. She tried to read the Bible, but she didn’t understand it. She was challenged by her sister, who learned about Jesus from a friend, to ask God to reveal Himself to her. After many days of asking, everything changed.

The woman in the following video was born in a Hindu Brahman family. She the fourth of the four daughters in her family. She was a “stubborn Hindu” who was very religious and worshiped idols and thought she was holy. She was challenged in 12th grade, and she began to study the Bible to criticize it. She soon realized what idol worship really is, and everything changed for her.

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