New Age Follower

Steven Bancarz turned from Christianity to New Age and occult practices, and he became a recognized authority. He even formed a website and made a fortune hosting a New Age website, Spirit Science and Metaphysics. He got 150,000-200,000 website visits a day! Greed and materialism crept in. Still, he was trying to figure out where Jesus and God fit into the puzzle. He thought Jesus was someone who “ascended to his own God nature.”He watched hundreds of hours of debates between Christians and atheists. He had everything a person could want, but he felt unfulfilled inside. This is his story

As a young adult, Lucinda Gabriel had experimented with Ouija boards, fortune telling, tarot cards, tea reading, griffology in her teens. As a young adult, as she sought greater purpose in life than simply making money, she got into reiki, angel therapy and mediumship. She spent ten years traveling to the best teachers and became a teacher herself. She wrote a book, How to Talk to Angels, in 2013., and it became a best-seller. She wrote other books and traveled around speaking. She thought she was seeking God, but she was broke and and broken. She cried out to God for help, and that is when things began to change.

Doreen Virtue was raised in New Age thought, became a psychotherapist, wrote books and the became a New Age teacher and a very celebrated New Age authority. She spent 58 years in the New Age movement. She is, perhaps, the most prolific and widely read New Age author of our time. This video is long, but what would you expect from the story of such a person who went from New Age to Jesus Christ? This is her story.

Dana grew up in a “Christian household”, but it was unstable. She saw a lot of hypocrisy in the church, and it turned her off. She became very judgmental of Christians, and she turned to the New Age movement, Truth Movement and Law of Attraction. She believed religion was the worst thing on earth, the Bible was written by man (though she didn’t ever read the Bible) and she thought knew what Jesus taught (though she really didn’t know what Jesus taught). She was into tarot cards, astrology and you name it. She even a published a magazine on alternative choices. Then she began to see things that were disturbing, and she began to dig. What she uncovered led her to the truth and a life change.

Mary Poplin walked away from the church experience of her youth and got into transcendental meditation, feminist spirituality and even bending spoons. She liked to say was spiritual, but she didn’t need religion. She was increasingly drawn to radical ideologies and became increasingly adventurous in her personal life. But then “God showed up in a dream”. This is her story.

New Age spirituality borrows from the bible but eliminates Jesus and God from it and mixes biblical principles with other non-biblical principles. In this testimony. Mike Warren briefly explains how he and his wife discovered the truth of Christ and left the New Age Movement.

Nothing is free in the New Age Movement says this convert to Jesus Christ. He grew up in a home that followed the Eastern religions and moved into the New Age Movement as he got older. Now he is a follower of Jesus.

She was attracted to witchcraft and magic at a young age (8 years old). She was harassed by demons, pushed down to the floor, and even her family witnessed it. The she stopped pursuing anything spiritual, and that meant not seeking God either. In university, she dabbled in psychedelic drugs. She visited her family in America. They were all Christians and preached to her. She was willing to listen, but she pursued pagan rituals again and law of attraction. It led her to despair and heaviness. She was troubled and selfish, falling into deep depression and suicidal thoughts. Her mother took her in and helped, and she was reading the Bible at the time. This was the beginning of a life change.

Kendall grew up in California where people didn’t go to church. People were more New Age and Universalist. The “religion” in her family was Free Masonry. She began as an atheist, growing up with a lot of inner hurt, which she masked with athletic and academic accomplishment. She went to U Cal Berkeley where she double majored with eyes on law school. Partying temporarily side-tracked her, and she got into modeling after college. She found no joy or fulfillment in partying with celebrities and their licentious lifestyle. She just got depressed. She ended up going to law school as she originally intended and also began a spiritual journey that took her through every possible alternative to Christianity. It was a long journey that finally led to Jesus. This is her story.

He grew up in a non-Christian home, but he had just enough exposure to Christianity to be immune to it. He and his friends opposed Christianity, but he became aware from a young age that there is something beyond this realm. He had a heart for truth, which he sought in alcohol, drugs and other things. As a young man, he had a spiritually enlightening experience that caused the party life to pale for him. He began to seek after truth, whatever it was. He inherited money and used it to travel the world. He read philosophy and went to South America where he took psychedelic substances. He went to Asia and discovered meditation and to interact with the spiritual realm. He got into conspiracy theories. He was exposed to Satanic practices. He began to notice that all these things were anti-Jesus. Jesus kept popping up, and that made him curious.

She went through years of depression and darkness. She turned to all the New Age options for the emptiness she felt, not none of them filled the emptiness, drove out the darkness or cured her depression, until she followed Jesus.