Depression and anxiety can be crippling. Sometimes we makes messes out our lives trying to fill the voids that we find within. Spending time focusing on herself, did not help Jessica Martin; it led to greater depression and anxiety. Turning to God, she found the answer to depression and anxiety. She found happiness when she turned away from the focus on herself and turned her focus to God.

Depression can be overwhelming and isolating and lead to suicidal thoughts. Depression can leave people completely adrift in life, wishing for death. But God can change all of that and heal us from depression and all the wounds and hurts that we suffer in life.

Kirby become depressed, hated God and lived suicidal thoughts after her parents divorced and her father died of a heart attack. One day, that all changed!

Emma mother took her own life when she was in 8th grade, and she began to struggle with anxiety and depression. She had a hole, an emptiness in her heart, and she realized she was suffering from separation anxiety. But, a friend invited her to church, and she had a break through. She become a whole new person.

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