Gang Member

Gangs are the scourge of society, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Gang members and gang leaders may seem like the most hardcore of bad men, but they are not too gone for Jesus to reach. Al Alceves started a rough bikers club soon after returning from the Vietnam War. This big, rugged, hard core thug underwent an extreme makeover by the Holy Spirit, and he was forever changed from his violent, hard core, drug addicted, criminal lifestyle.

Mario was a gang member his whole life. When his girlfriend began going to church, he got jealous, and one night decided to kill the pastor. what happened next changed everything.

Emeal Zwayne went from rap arts wannabe to a gang member as a teenager. The only goal in life was to be cool and protect their “turf”. It was a brotherhood, a place to belong. He was religious, said prayers and went to church, but he knew his lifestyle was wrong. One day he snapped when taking to his brother. He grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer and stabbed his own wrist over and over. Someone invited him to a Christian event. He went despite himself. When he heard for the first time that salvation is a free gift, his mind was blown. This is his story

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