Is God a Hard Taskmaster?

When God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply, it was in the context of God blessing them. The gifts He gave them were blessings, but they were also to be used to accomplish God’s purposes.

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In the parable of the talents[1], the master gives his servants different amounts of funding before he leaves on a long trip. The master gave one servant 10 talents and another servant 5 talents. Both of them invested their talents and made more talents. The master gave a third servant only one talent, and that servant buried his one talent in the ground.

When the master came back and asked for an accounting, the servant who buried his only talent in the ground told the master that he knew his master was a “hard taskmaster”, reaping where he did not sow and gathering where he scattered no seed. So, the servant said he was afraid and hid the talent in the ground. The master got angry at the last servant’s response, calling him wicked and slothful, and the master took the one talent away from the servant, leaving him with nothing.

Stop and think about this parable for a bit. The servant who only received one talent was afraid the master was a hard taskmaster, and it seems he was!

Is that what God is really like?

At other places in the Bible we see statements of God honoring the industrious and treating the slothful as wicked, but is God really a hard taskmaster?

This parable is an allegory illustrating our relationship with God, so gaining understanding of what Jesus is saying here is important.

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