Church. What’s The Point?

The point of the Church is important to understand. We often get it wrong. This blog is a good reminder that the Church does not exist for what the individual members can get out of it, though we often see it that way, especially in a consumer society. The Church is vital to the individual members to be sure! If we allow ourselves to be cut off from the Church, we are cut off from the branches of the vine, which is Christ! As vital as the Church is for each of us, we are vital to the Church and should be bearing the kind of fruit that grows from a Church connected to the vine which is Christ.


Why do we need church? What’s the purpose? Maybe you are like me and you’ve speculated on the answer to those questions. I believe the answer to this question is hugely important. How you and I answer has ramifications on how we interact and connect with the church. Your answer will affect the kind of church you attend or don’t attend or if you even attend church at all. It’s an important question I believe Christians need to think about and take the time to decide themselves.

I would first like to say I do not believe that the church is primarily here for me. Typically in our western consumeristic minds we tend to treat church for what we can get out of it. Maybe I don’t say that with my words, but my actions say more than enough. It’s a very consumeristic approach to church. But I suspect the…

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