6 Helps for the Christian Preparing for College

College, for me, was a time of great spiritual growth. Even in that secular academic environment, I thrived both in faith and in academics. You can too. You can grow in your walk with Christ – not in spite of the challenges of an unbelieving, or even hostile, secular environment, but because of it!


I have been reading for some time about how this generation of youth coming out of “the Church” are not as biblically literate as past generations. I do not know, myself, whether that is true or not, but I do know that many people of faith struggle in college.

Outside of Christian colleges, the academic world is, generally, is not very friendly toward faith. Those academics who are not actually hostile to the kind of faith that the Bible teaches simply put up with it as if it were some sort of oddity that people with lesser intelligence and more naivete get caught up in, but which has little relevance to anything intellectual.

That is far from the truth, of course. The intellectual underpinnings of faith are deep and wide. For the Bible believer, however, faith leads and the intellect follows. That is not the case for most of academia. Even for those who give some intellectual assent to faith in the academic world, intellect is the leader, and faith (if we can call it that) is the follower. That is not the faith of Abraham that God counted as righteousness. Our Christian colleges and universities include many of these people in their ranks. Continue reading “6 Helps for the Christian Preparing for College”