WordPress Audience, Please Respond

Dude with duct tape

So I went to post on Facebook the article linked below that I wrote today and got this message:

Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.

Please read the article and let me know what you think about the Facebook message. You don’t have to like the article or agree with any of the ideas, opinions or conclusions that are expressed.

In fact, I would like to hear from those who don’t share my perspective of the world.

Whether you like the article or not, though, please respond and express your thoughts about the Facebook censorship. Thank you!

via God is the Fulfillment of the Desires He Built into Us

3 thoughts on “WordPress Audience, Please Respond

  1. While I definitely do not agree with many of the things you say in the article, I can’t imagine what could possibly be viewed as offensive. Maybe an atheist was offended for your posting the article? My latest blog I posted to Facebook is FAR more offensive.

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    1. I can’t imagine what was offensive by it. People say things all the time that other people disagree with. I even disagree with myself sometimes! But, if that is the standard, then Facebook might as well close down now. There are many things I find deeply offensive to me that are said on Facebook, but I support anyone’s right to say them. Without full and open discourse and freedom to express ideas, no matter how offensive, we have no freedom ultimately.


  2. The fact that some computer generated algorithm felt that there was offensive wording or statements is troubling. Excellent post, just keep them coming and keep living the faith. God bless.


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