Finding Quiet in the Holiday Noise

wooden cabin and christmas tree

Another Holiday season is almost past tense. We anticipate it all year, all the more as we rush through Halloween and turn the corner at Thanksgiving, as we careen toward Christmas, and then a mad dash to New Year’s Eve, before skidding to a sudden, unwelcome stop on the day after New Year’s day. So the Holidays can seem.

The Holidays can be a great time in the midst of the busyness for quiet reflection, but many a Holiday season has come and gone that I wish I had taken that time to reflect.

We need that time to reflect, not just in the Holiday season, but throughout the year on a regular basis. God ever urges us to be still, to seek Him in the quiet of our hearts when the clamor of more insistent voices is kept at bay.

Navigating by Faith


The Christian world rushes head long into another holiday season. The horses were straining at the gate weeks ago. Christmas sales were advertised before we threw out the pumpkins. The turkey population has been reduced to survivors. The holiday season has been in full on assault. It will climax at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

How many holiday seasons have I experienced that came at me like a garish parade and left me with nothing but the sound of ringing in my ears? Too many.

My sincere hope is not to miss the deep meaning of our celebration this holiday as the clamor fades into the cold quiet of winter. The trite but true “meaning of Christmas” is not found in the holiday rush, but in warm quiet reflection on what hope arose with the birth of Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Lord of…

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