Theology, Science, Dreaming and Waking

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CS Lewis wrote eloquently on the “myth” of modern scientific cosmology and the reality of Christian thought in an interesting and thought-provoking twist on dreaming and waking. Ever the poet, Lewis takes poetic license to invert our common thinking on these subjects.

In the reblogged post below, we trace those poetic steps through the scenery of Lewis’s imaginative mind and come out into the clearing of a spectacular vista from which Lewis sees and makes sense of the world. Science, he says can’t do that. Science can’t even ultimately account for science.

Whether you might agree or disagree, you will find his thinking to be worth the trip through the underbrush.

Navigating by Faith


I am a great fan of C.S. Lewis. Not that I agree with everything he has written, I love his genius and insight that is marked by a truly Renaissance journey through all of the great classical literature, philosophy and rational, scientific discourse. He approaches Christianity from the opposite shore and provides a view that most churchgoers would never otherwise get.

I recently read his short essay (Is Theology Poetry?) that is published with the Weight of Glory and other addresses by Harper One. In classic Lewis style, he starts off with a very obscure, nuanced question (that few, if anyone, would even think to explore) and, from the seeming pedantry and narrow beginning, he opens up the discourse about half way through into a sweeping view of an eternal truth that is absolutely breathtaking.

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