Islam & Christianity Through a Former Muslim’s Eyes

I am going to do something a little different in this blog. I often weave other people’s presentations and thinking into my articles, but, in this one, I am going to lay out another’s person’s presentation in its entirety.

No one topic, perhaps, in all the world today has demanded more of the world’s attention than the happenings involving radical Islamic terrorists.  This article is not going to attack Muslims; neither is it going to defend them. Rather, if you will listen to each of the segments, it will help you to understand Islam and Christianity in comparison to each other from the viewpoint of a man raised a devout Muslim of Islamic missionary parents.

The events in this country and around the world are revealing a clash of ancient and modern, Muslim and Christian, religion and atheism, absolute morality and relativism and peace and violence like never before. Wars, climate change, cultural clashes: it is an end times atmosphere.

Our future rides on how these things play out. The future of our children and mankind is at stake. Are these the end times that both Islam and Christianity foretell? Are we merely hastening our inevitable demise by foolish religiosity?

Whatever you might think or believe, understanding the worldviews of the people who are commanding the world’s attention seems like a good thing to do. Nabeel Qureshi presents the view of Islam from a moderate Muslim’s position. While there is a twist, he comes at this topic as a lover of Muslims, raised in a loving family, highly educated and sincere in his own practices and approach.

Nabeel Qureshi confronted his own beliefs for the first in college when he developed a relationship with his Christian roommate. That relationship sparked many discussions, at first with Nabeel challenging his roommates Christianity, and then Nabeel being challenged about his Islam.

The first lecture begins with Nabeel’s own story. By it, he introduces the world to the modern, moderate, but devout, Muslim’s perspective. Through his story, he sets the stage for a point by point examination of Islam and its counterpoint, Christianity. I hope you get as much or more out of this than I have.

 Islamic Practices and Beliefs

Difficulties with the Historical Muhammad

The Text of the Qur’an

Understanding the Violence in Islam

Jesus in Islam vs. Jesus in Christianity

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