Exploring the Gospels from Different Angles: Location, Names and Nuance

Dr. Peter J. Williams looks at the Gospels from the angle of location, names and nuances that confirm the authenticity of the Gospels.

Kinnereth (Sea of Galilee), Israel - panorama of the southern end, February 5th, 2014I am continually interested in the latest evidence for God and the authenticity of the Bible. Not that I am doubting and looking for evidence to bolster my faith. It’s more like opening presents on Christmas.

I searched, and I found the path that I am on long ago. Not that I was a great discoverer; far from it. God saw me coming. Not that I have arrived, but there is no other path for me. I was meant to be on this one. When Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father but through me”, I believed.

I still believe. Not that this belief is unsubstantiated faith. Far from it! God made Himself known to me years ago. He met me where I was then, and He continues to be true, trustworthy, faithful and present today. The older I get and more I learn, the more true it rings. 

When I consider how He has made Himself known to me in intimate, personal ways, the authority, harmony and power of the Scriptures and the incredible body of evidence in the natural world, I am amazed.

I know that many people don’t believe as I believe. I certainly could be wrong. I do remember times of darkness and doubt. The difference for me was not knowledge, however, or will or intellect, but the heart. The words ring crystal clear and true to me, that God is looking for men and women who, like David, are “after God’s own heart”. (1 Samuel 13:14) When I wanted God more than I wanted anything else, God met me.

So it is that I am still thrilled to read and learn of further demonstrations, manifestations and evidences of God and His working in the world. Scripture, for me, was one of the first evidences. In and of itself, Scripture is a powerful testimony to God. They are the “words of life“! Scripture spoke authoritatively to me when I read it for the first time in college, and it continues to do so.

Though there are plenty of skeptics, there are also plenty (more then plenty) of evidences for its authenticity. Below is a unique view of the Gospels from a linguistic and geographical perspective. Dr. Peter J. Williams (M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. at Cambridge University studying ancient languages related to the Bible) lays out his analysis of the Gospels in the following video. I think you will find it incredibly interesting, at the very least. More than that, it is another solid example of the authenticity of the Gospels.

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