Dad, hold my hand…

This a 15 year old girl, a daughter, a sister, a friend of my son’s, slipped out of a coma into the hands of God our Father. Many, many people were praying for her and her family. We rejoice for Lauren, who is home with her heavenly Father, and we grieve with her family and friends who already miss her terribly. Hug your children, brothers, sisters and friends today. Hold hands and know that this is not all there is. We have home where there are no tears waiting for us.. Meanwhile, love God, love your family and love your neighbor.

Julie's Jibber Jabber

We are never guaranteed a life without loss. In fact, we’re not even guaranteed tomorrow.

Not very encouraging, right? But read on…

We’ve probably all felt some type of loss from an early age. Your best friend from 2nd grade moves away. You lost your favorite toy. Your Dad …or Mom leaves because of divorce. You hurt a friend, and they wouldn’t forgive you. You have to move and leave all your friends. You lost a grandparent. You lost a parent. Maybe a young friend died.

This is what my kids are going through right now. A young, vibrant 15-year-old friend passed away yesterday from a brain aneurysm. It was sudden. It was unexpected. It’s a devastating loss…to many.

lauren leone pic

We all wonder, why does God choose to take away the young…the defenseless…the innocent?

I wish I had an answer. I wish HE would give us an answer.

But He doesn’t. He’s quiet…

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