We Are All Born That Way

Modern science maintains that gays & lesbians are born that way. Biblical are pretty clear that homosexual acts are sin and not what God designed or intended. Indeed, the anatomy of men and women suggest, at least for the sexual act, that God and nature are in agreement on this.

In my own life, having observed two young women who were close to the family at one time, it seems to me that sexual orientation is something ingrained from an early age. It seems very plausible that people are “born that way.” I have a gay cousin. I have also known gay Christians. I had a gay Christian room-mate in college.

It appears quite empirically that people are born or become sexually oriented at a very early age. At the same time, the Bible is quite clear on homosexuality. It is sinful. It is not what God intended. These are difficult realities to reconcile.

I suppose it should not be a surprise that some people are born or develop a gay or lesbian inclination very early on. The Bible is equally clear that we are all born into sin. As Adam sinned, he spawned a legacy of sin that has been passed down in some genetic and most likely spiritual sense to the present time. It is our lot in life.

Some of us develop lying and deceitful ways from an early age. Some of us develop bullying, envious, angry, selfish, or gluttonous ways. Some of us develop lustful ways at a very, very early age. More likely, we are born that way or with those tendencies, and we all stray down those paths from very, very early on.

We are all sinners. We have all strayed from God. There is none righteous, not even one. Romans 3:10

“If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” 1 John 1:8

The good news is that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us on the cross. Romans 5:8 God clearly loves all of us. He loves us so much that He was willing, and He did, die for us. He loves me, though I am inclined every day of my life to be selfish, gluttonous, lustful, unkind and sinful in a multitude of ways.
He clearly loves our gay and lesbian family members, friends and neighbors. We are all “born that way”.

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