The Rabbit that Won’t Disappear

People hear what they want to hear, but the facts are the facts.

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / fouroaks
© Can Stock Photo Inc. / fouroaks

From early on after the release of the “Planned Parenthood videos” we have heard Planned Parenthood representatives and others claiming that the videos were edited, as if the fact that they were edited somehow converts the fact of what is shown on the videos to fiction. Nice try. All videos are edited.

But, the backlash from Planned Parenthood has continued and evolved into claims that the videos are “heavily edited”; and not just edited, Planned Parenthood told Congress they were “deceptively edited“; and not just deceptively edited, the NY Times reported they were “altered“; and not just altered but fake. Even White House Says Planned Parenthood Videos Are Fake, Cites Planned Parenthood.

So, is that the end of the story? Are people not even wondering what was not shown?Though the missing tape really does not modify the tape that was shown, people have heard it so much now that there is some traction to the suggestion that the missing segments re-characterize the shown segments so that what we have seen is no longer what we think it is… at least that seems to be the point that is being made.

So, what are we missing? I think you will it will take your breath away. Here is a summary of the 5 Shocking Scenes The Planned Parenthood Video Creator Doesn’t Want You To See. (I apologize for the sarcasm.)

Oh really? One might be constrained to ask. Says who? Did Planned Parenthood not commission a carefully authenticated, unbiased study that revealed that the videos were “heavily edited”? Well, yes they did (further sarcasm aside), and shockingly large segments of tape were left on the cutting room floor.

Planned Parenthood and its ilk seem to be claiming some sort sleight of hand. “You really didn’t see what you thought you saw.” It turns out the prestidigitators are the Planned Parenthood representatives: “Watch me make this rabbit disappear!” But the rabbit remains.

If you do not have the stomach to watch the videos themselves, you can reference A Quick And Easy Guide To The Planned Parenthood Videos.

If you want the detail about what was edited out of the video, you can read the full Digital Forensics Analysis Report prepared by Coalfire Systems, Inc., a forensic analysis and cybersecurity company that does work for Fortune 500 companies, published September 28, 2015. If you do not want to read every page of the report, you can read the summary that Forensic Analysis Confirms Planned Parenthood Undercover Videos Were Not Manipulated or listen to the summary provided by Representative Diane Black of Tennessee given today to the Committee of Government Oversight and Reform.

3 thoughts on “The Rabbit that Won’t Disappear

  1. I don’t know why some can’t understand that video shot secretly by operatives with a history of attempted smears, who are constantly being sued, should be regarded with a certain amount of rational skepticism – unless it confirms your own pre-existing assumptions I guess.

    If the CMP was so confident this footage constitutes evidence of crimes, why didn’t they just take it to the police? Why isn’t there any kind of paper trail, documents of some kind besides footage to back up these dire claims? That’s what made it clear to me the agenda behind these videos is political, rather than moral. None of it would be admissible in an actual court, so it’s tossed out to the “court of public opinion” instead. There’s a sucker born every minute.


    1. It is not a crime says the court of popular opinion. The video content is not some and mirrors. You say people see what that want to see. I say the same thing. If you cannot attack the content, attack the source. I have read the statute at issue. PP knows what they are doing and how to stay on out of legal trouble. That doesn’t make what they do right. They push abortion above helping women which is part of a social and political agenda. So, you are right: it is political. There is a social agenda. Morality just makes things messy.


      1. Why was the evidence not taken to the police? The answer lies in the definition of the sale of body parts. As long as they maintain they do not make “profit” they have arguably not violated the law. PP is organized as a non-profit corporation. By definition, they do not make “profits”. No matter how much money they take in, it is not considered profit if it goes back into the organization. Administrators can make large salaries, and PP is still considered a non-profit corporation. The issue is whether in a modern, civilized society we will tolerate the harvesting of organs from babies. It is a moral issue. Do we value life?


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