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Steven Bancarz turned from Christianity to New Age and occult practices, and he became a recognized authority. He even formed a website and made a fortune hosting a New Age website, Spirit Science and Metaphysics. He got 150,000-200,000 website visits a day! Greed and materialism crept in. Still, he was trying to figure out where Jesus and God fit into the puzzle. He thought Jesus was someone who “ascended to his own God nature.”He watched hundreds of hours of debates between Christians and atheists. He had everything a person could want, but he felt unfulfilled inside. This is his story

New Age spirituality borrows from the bible but eliminates Jesus and God from it and mixes biblical principles with other non-biblical principles. In this testimony. Mike Warren briefly explains how he and his wife discovered the truth of Christ and left the New Age Movement.

Nothing is free in the New Age Movement says this convert to Jesus Christ. He grew up in a home that followed the Eastern religions and moved into the New Age Movement as he got older. Now he is a follower of Jesus.



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