Troy Van Voorhies, a professor of theoretical chemistry at MIT, talks a little about coming to faith and the interplay of faith and science in this interview:

Following is an interview of another MIT professor, Ian Hutchinson, professor of nuclear science and engineering, on the future of nuclear science, and the history of science and Christianity – in general, and in his own life.

In this interview, Harvard professor of Education,  Nancy Hill, shares her journey of faith.

A college professor and former atheist gives his poignant testimony that involves a near death experience that changed his life and brought him to faith in Jesus Christ.

Professor Stephan Taylor rejected God as teenager and was an atheist until intrigued by something his brother said to him. He began to doubt that “nothing plus no one equals everything. He began to seek and eventually became a believer in Christ. As he turned to science, he found no tension between the two; in fact, just the opposite.

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