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We live a hyper sexual society. Sex sells, and does it ever! Sex is not only promoted, it is sensationalized. We see it everywhere we turn, from billboards to magazines, TV, movies, books and all over the Internet. The porn industry has exploded since the advent of the Internet and has become a virtual torrent of sexual temptation at the tips of every fingertip having access to it. We shouldn’t be surprised that many people, men and women, struggle with sexual addiction. Sexual addiction is privately destroying countless lives. But God is bigger than all of that. Here are testimonies to prove it.


Dusty Oglesby shares his heartbreaking story of sexual addiction and the implications it had on his life. He grew up in the church, but he secretly struggled with sexual addiction, was a liar and a hypocrite. He hit rock bottom, but, through God’s gracious power, he found redemption and restoration.

Kay Arthur goes into detail in her story of sexual immorality, which began “innocently”. She didn’t realize that sin starts in the mind and desires of the heart. Even though she was a virgin when she got married, she had already started down the road to sexual immorality before she even acted on her thoughts and desires.


Because sexual promiscuity is everywhere, sexual addiction often starts very young, with something as simple as stumbling upon pornography at the age of 8. It even creeps into the church and affects people who grow up in the church.



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" Contrary to the claims of "sexual rights" propagandists there is no agreement at the United Nations that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) can be used to create "rights" to abortion, to be a prostitute, to be a child who has sex as they choose or for Men who have Sex with men (MSM) to engage in fisting, felching, rimming, farming, scat, chariot racing, jackhammering , anal penetration etc ".

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