Drug Addict

Drugs are like locusts in our society. They eat all the joy and destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. They destroy families and damage communities. Drugs are a component of many stories, and one of the more compelling testimonies is Todd White’s story.

People who have fame and acclaim sometimes are as empty as those who don’t. Maybe more so because they have gotten the things we all think we want, and it is not enough. Drugs go hand in hand with much of the fame this world has to offer, and addicts are on a path to personal destruction. Even when an addict’s world crashes down on him. God is there.

Drug addiction has devastated countless lives. Michael Thornton was so addicted to cocaine he turned to prostituting himself. But beyond the pain and the shame, he found a Love who could truly redeem him. See his testimony and how Jesus Christ saved his life from cocaine, suicide, drugs and depression,

Ashley grew up with alcoholic parents, and she was depressed from a traumatic event that happened in her life. She began to party, drinking alcohol and doing drugs in middle, and that changed to dating a drug dealer in high school and experimenting with all different kinds of drugs, including crack cocaine and oxycodone. Her depression got worse, she became suicidal and got into trouble with the law. She was ready to give up on life, and then her life changed.

Jordan Rogers began snorting heroin at age 15. His life quickly became drugs. His life was a yo yo. He was so bad into drugs that even heroin addicts stopped hanging around with him. He wanted to die. He got kicked out of a court-ordered rehabilitation center and was escorted back to jail. He knew he deserved to be there, but he didn’t belong there. He cried out to God for help. And in that brokenness, everything began to change.


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